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My Art Update Seth Keller | 7/3/2020

This week I've been working on writing a large article about painting for beginners. I haven't finished it yet. This week I'd like to publish an update about my art updates and my current works in progress. This article will contain photographs of my work in progress,...

3 Tips: How to Get Into Buying Art?

This article is for those who love, and are considering getting into buying art. There is a lot of mysticism, hype, and money involved that may make the general population feel anxious or intimidated when buying artwork for the first time. In reality the process can...

25 Top Beginner Artist Fails

This article is a compilation of beginner artist fails that I have seen many times from individuals who are just getting started as new young artists.  The purpose of doing a critique of anyone's work is always self-improvement, and we all have fallen for these common...

Art and Inspiration: How to Generate Inspiration

Art Inspiration for Beginners  If you are just getting started, art inspiration can be very difficult. It is hard to come up with ideas that inspire you to draw or paint every day. Guess what, this is true for any artist both new and experienced! Here are some...

Why Acrylic Paint?

This article will discuss the following: The pros and cons of acrylic painting and why you might consider using acrylic paint in your artwork. Examples of how I use acrylic paint in my art. The best acrylic paint brands. The different types of acrylic paint, and the...

My Art: Bryce Canyon an Expression of Divine Love

Recap of our Journey and My Art Process For those of you who haven’t been following our exploration of southern Utah or my art, yesterday we visited Bryce Canyon, and I was able to include photographs from our journey in the post that will be posted today 6/11/20. The...

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