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Read my weird artist thoughts and ideas,  learn about my process, and get helpful tips on how to create your own art projects. 

Functional Humanistic Art in Parowan Gap?

For the past few days my family and I have been exploring the beautiful landscapes of Southern Utah. Yesterday we explored Parowan Gap where we observed the petroglyph art left there by Parowan’s ancient inhabitants. As I've been obsessed with humanism recently I...

5 Drawing Tips to Help You Draw Better

Here are some drawing tips to help you become a better drawer. These are some of the steps that I use to create professional drawings and that help me compose and organize a drawing. Following these steps will help you eliminate headache later in your drawing process....

My Art Explained

Today I’d like to tell you about some of my art projects that I have in the works. I’m excited to show you some progress shots on my current painting: The Precipice of Knowledge.  I’m also excited to talk about some fascinating ideas I’ve picked up on recently...

5 Tips Before Buying Artwork Online

If you are like many of us, you’ve likely discovered that during quarantine you have little to do but stare at sad, lonely, white walls, slowly slipping into madness. Are you considering buying artwork to fill the emptiness of your walls and  your current life? Here...

Bob Ross Critique: Island in the Wilderness

Bob Ross: Island in the Wilderness One of my most nostalgic memories as a kid was waking up Sunday morning and watching 'The Joy of Painting' featuring the now iconic painter Bob Ross. Who doesn't have fond memories of the afroed wet on wet painter. Everyone remembers...


HAS THIS EVER HAPPENED TO YOU? Your marketing and social media outreach has finally paid off! You see the new message notification in your inbox, you see that you have a new art client! They want you to do several character designs because they saw your beautiful...

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